Charles Krauthammer said Thursday that he does not believe the private email controversy will be going away anytime soon for Hillary Clinton.

Bret Baier asked on "Special Report" whether the story will go away, as Democrats try to downplay her use of a private email server instead of a .gov address while she was secretary of state. 

"It's not over. It's got legs, it's got long legs," he said, pointing to the fact that the AP is suing the State Department for access to the emails, while three House committees try to get the emails through subpoenas.

He said a lingering question is whether Clinton signed a form requiring her to turn over all official documents when she left office.

The "Outnumbered" panel reacted this afternoon, with Kirsten Powers agreeing with Krauthammer that the lawsuit by the Associated Press is a significant negative development for Clinton. 

"The AP thing is a real problem here. It's one thing to have Republicans coming after her, but when you have the Associated Press coming after you, then you've really got problems," said Powers.

Katie Pavlich said that she expects Clinton to act like a "victim" and claim Republicans want access to her personal information. 

Powers said the media has treated Clinton badly over the years, especially compared with the favorable treatment for Barack Obama.

But she said in this case, Clinton "has done something that is beyond the pale and should expect to be raked over the coals."

Watch the discussions below. 

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Krauthammer, Judge Andrew Napolitano and A.B. Stoddard on "Special Report."