After a widespread outcry, the Air Force has now backed off from banning security personnel from saying "Have a Blessed Day." 

The gate guards at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia were told not to give the greeting after someone complained to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.  

The ban was issued after the foundation complained to the base. 

When the story went viral, the Air Force reconsidered its action and reversed the ban. 

Ron Crews, the executive director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, told Steve Doocy this morning that the group didn't have a case.

"The one who's being discriminated is the one who is censoring speech," Crews said. "The Air Force and all of our military have the job of protecting speech, not censoring speech. There's nothing wrong or inherently religious by just saying 'have a blessed day.'"

Crews added that the guards are just "being kind to people" when they utter the phrase.  

Crews said he's "grateful" that the Air Force has reversed course.

Watch the video above and see more on this story from Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes.