A conservative student club at George Washington University is being labeled a "hate group" after requesting to be exempt from LGBT sensitivity training. 

The Young American Foundation, an organization that advocates for individual freedom and traditional values, has requested a "religious exemption" from a new student government bill that would require all student leaders to participate in mandatory LGBT sensitivity training, Campus Reform reported. 

Allied in Pride, an LGBT advocacy organization, at GW is calling for the university to take away the funding from YAF and has labeled them as a "hate group." 

Amanda Robbins, co-chair of the YAF, shared on "Fox and Friends" with Steve Doocy (video above) that the group isn't a hate group and that the label is hurtful. 

"The Allied in Pride organization at George Washington University is calling us a hate group among other things, like we're a violent organization," Robbins said. "Other students on campus have also compared us to ISIS. They have called us a cancer. Frankly, we're disappointed, because we are not a hate group at all and it's very disappointing."

She said that YAF members have strong religious values and don't want to attend the training. 

"Many of our members have strong religious Christian values and we believe that this is an infringement on that, requiring them to do that," Robbins said.

"We believe that it's a re-education training that would require us to think differently than we already have," she added. "It's extremely disappointing that the school wants to tell us what we can and can't say. And teach us how we're supposed to run our organization when we've been always a very accepting organization to all members of our community."

Robbins added that students pay thousands of dollars into the school to be able to take advantage of student organizations.