A 15-year-old boy was arrested yesterday for attempting to kidnap a Washington state toddler from a park earlier this week.

The teenager allegedly snatched 22-month-old Owen Wright from his stroller Sunday, after a babysitter allowed three children to go play unsupervised in a Sprague, Wash. park

The frightening surveillance footage from a nearby grocery store shows the suspect running with the boy in his arms.

Also captured on video were the toddler’s siblings, 10-year-old Brenden and 8-year-old Delicia, who chased after the suspect, screaming for help.

Jonathan Hunt reported on "Happening Now" that the teenage boy lives in the town and was identified through the use of interviews, evidence collected and surveillance video.

Lincoln County Sheriff Wade Magers explained that the teenager was also positively identified by one of the kidnap victim's young siblings, according to the Associated Press.

Since he is a minor, authorities are not publicly releasing the boy's identity.

Delicia's screams for help alerted people nearby, including two teenage boys who immediately joined the pursuit.

"When you kind of pick up, there's a girl running behind him, he's running down an alley way with a kid, things don't look right," said Andrew Crane, one of the teenage boys who helped chase the kidnapper.

The brazen kidnapper became spooked and sat the toddler down in a vacant lot, leaving him unharmed.

Michael Wright, the children's father, said he was thankful for the two teenagers who joined the chase and proud of his kids.

"Not only is my family safe, but other families are going to be safe, because he is off the streets," Michael Wright said. "They are not going to have to go through everything that we have had to go through the past couple of days."

Hunt also reported that the babysitter who left the children alone was a family friend and that she didn't think anything like this would happen because they live in such a small town.  

Watch the video above to hear more.