Bill O’Reilly tonight sounded off on the shooting of two officers in Ferguson, Mo., last night, blaming anti-American anarchists for the ambush.

Yesterday afternoon, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson resigned, which O’Reilly said is what the protesters wanted. By 8 p.m., about 150 protesters gathered outside of the police department, where 70 officers stood outside to keep protesters in order. There were about 75 protesters left at around midnight, when shots rang out. Two police officers were wounded, and have since been released from the hospital.

“I believe the protesters did not […] shoot the officers,” O’Reilly said. “This was a calculated ambush by anarchists, people who want to create violent situations inside the USA.”

O’Reilly said that the city is trying to put Michael Brown’s shooting behind it, but anarchy is growing in America. He added that last night’s shootings weren’t racial, calling them “an anti-American play.”

“It is the job of the press to expose the haters, not lump them in with legitimate protesters,” O’Reilly said. “Right now, that job is not being done.”

Watch O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo above.

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