Megyn Kelly tonight sounded off on the national conversation surrounding the shooting of two officers in Ferguson, Mo.

Tonight, authorities are still searching for the suspects, knowing that they may find them and face a deadly confrontation. Kelly said that you would think the risks law enforcement face would be the focus of the national conversation.

“You would be wrong,” she said, explaining that the conversation has mostly consisted of a quick expression of sympathy for the two wounded officers, followed by a long justification for a protest movement which Kelly said was “based upon a lie.”

Kelly noted that political leaders and pundits slammed cops based on “the myth” that Michael Brown was shot by Darren Wilson while surrendering with his hands up.

“Enough is enough,” Kelly said. “Institutional racism is a real problem, but fanning the flames, rushing to judgment and failing to provide context is also deeply problematic and dangerous. And it needs to stop.”

Watch her fiery statements above.

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