Hillary Clinton has defended her use of a private email server by claiming that any government-related emails she sent were preserved because they were sent to State Department email addresses.

Clinton explained earlier this week that she deleted 30,000 emails that she said were personal, while turning over 55,000 government-related emails.

The AP, along with Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Judicial Watch, and others, are trying to gain access to Clinton's emails.

Judicial Watch research director Chris Farrell joined Gretchen Carlson today to discuss the group's numerous FOIA requests to the State Department over the last few years. 

Farrell said that Clinton's private email account was "the worst kept secret" in the State Department, yet it was never disclosed in court.

"All these folks sat there quietly and did not reveal, did not make any representations to us or to the court that they knew about this for years and years. They knew about this email system and nobody said a word," said Farrell. 

Farrell said the State Department has even admitted in court to past "misrepresentations."

Farrell believes all of the Benghazi-related communications by Clinton were going through the "Benghazi Group," led by Clinton's top aides Philippe Reines and Cheryl Mills.


Emails released by the State Department show officials referencing the "Benghazi Group." 

Farrell called it the "damage control center to keep the spin going" about the Benghazi attack, including the phony story that an internet video was to blame.

But he said the big question that remains is whether Clinton's top aides were communicating with her on their own private email accounts. If so, he said it would be an "enormous fraud" because none of the records will come out.

Farrell said Judicial Watch currently has 18 lawsuits going against the State Department, seeking access to records from Clinton's tenure.

"It's enormously clear that with foreknowledge and forethought, Mrs. Clinton set up this separate email server routine. These records have been kept from the American public. Senior State Department officials knew it for years and did nothing," he said.

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