The FCC has released more than 300 pages of net neutrality rules, which are designed to prevent Internet providers from slowing down or blocking web traffic.

The FCC released the rules two weeks after voting to approve them. Judge Andrew Napolitano said this goes against a statute which requires the FCC to release the rules before voting so that Congress and the public can comment.

“I see an FCC totally out of control, and I see an FCC proclaiming unto itself the authority that the statute never gave to it and that two federal courts say you don’t have, which is the ability to regulate the Internet,” Napolitano said.

Napolitano said that the net neutrality rules are “profoundly against the free market.”

Charles Krauthammer also weighed in, explaining that the net neutrality rules say Internet providers must act in a “just and reasonable way.” He said that this gives completely arbitrary power to the FCC.

Krauthammer slammed the administration’s “regulatory hunger.”

“If it moves, regulate it,” Krauthammer said.

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