A women's college basketball game in Texas on Saturday ended in a massive bench-clearing brawl.

Video of the game between Texas Southern University and Southern University shows the foul that preceded the huge fight and the entire melee that followed.  

At least 15 players have been suspended from both teams and TSU has withdrawn from the SWAC tournament, which begins Wednesday.  

Southern also announced that they had dismissed Keonia Parrish from the team.

Harris Faulkner reported on "Outnumbered" today that the brawl between the two teams was one of the "worst ever" in women's basketball history.

She said that the punishments handed down to the two teams were harsher than those given to men involved in previous college basketball fights. 

"You know what's interesting here is that when you look at some of the social media response, some of the parent's responses, there was such a visceral reaction because they were women," Faulkner said.

Kennedy remarked that she doesn't think women should be held to a different standard than men.

"I don't think that they should be suspended differently," Kennedy stated. "I don't think that there should be separate expectations. They're just as competitive, they're just as fierce. There's so much on the line that they really need to control themselves just as the men or any other athletes." 

Watch the footage of the brawl below.

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