Just moments before going live on-air in South Africa, a TV reporter was mugged by armed men, and the whole ordeal was captured on camera (watch below).

The video, which has already been viewed on YouTube more than 600,000 times, shows two men hassling Vuyo Mvoko, a national broadcast reporter for SABC. 

Mvoko was outside a Johannesburg hospital about to deliver a report on the arrival of Zambia's president for medical tests. 

Despite the presence of the camera, the robbers didn't appear to be concerned that they were taped committing the crime. 

Mvoko said that one of the men threatened him with a gun when he didn't want to give up his cell phone, SABC reported.

The suspects got away with laptop computers and cell phones.

Luckily, no one was harmed. Police are investigating the incident, and the footage will hopefully give them some helpful leads.

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