Thanks to the heroic actions of his two siblings, a Washington state toddler is safe after a man attempted to kidnap him from a park. 

The three siblings were playing in a park on Sunday when a man snatched 22-month-old Owen Wright from his stroller.

The frightening surveillance footage from a nearby grocery store shows the suspect running by with the boy in his arms. 

Also captured on video were the toddler’s siblings, 10-year-old Brenden and 8-year-old Delicia, who chased after the suspect, screaming for help.

Delicia recounted the ordeal today on "Good Morning America," recalling that the man told her "he's nice to kids." 

She said that she knew he was trying to kidnap her baby brother. 

Delicia’s screams alerted people nearby, including Dorothy Giddlings. 

“I told that little girl, I said, 'Honey, you did exactly what you needed to do, scream your head off,’” Giddings said of Owen’s sister. “That's what saved that baby. Her screaming and us running.”

Two teenage boys also heard Delicia’s screams and immediately joined the pursuit.

"When you kind of pick up, there's a girl running behind him, he's running down an alley way with a kid, things don't look right," said Andrew Crane, one of the teenage boys who helped chase the kidnapper.

The suspect became spooked and sat the toddler down in a vacant lot, leaving him unharmed.

The kids were unsupervised in a park near their babysitter's home while their father, Michael Wright, was at work. 

Lincoln County Sheriff Wade Magers said officers don’t have any leads in the search. Authorities don't think the man is a resident of Sprague, the Associated Press reported.  

Police are asking anyone with information on the suspect to call (509) 725-3501. 

Watch the video below to hear the siblings speak about the scary ordeal.


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