A National Review report claims that suspicious fires twice destroyed Al Sharpton’s financial records.

Sharpton was running for office at the time of both fires and subsequently failed to comply with tax and campaign filing requirements. The fires broke out in 1997 – when Sharpton was running for mayor – and 2003 – when he was running for president.

The National Review’s Jillian Kay Melchior went “On The Record” to discuss her report. She said that the first fire was treated as an arson/explosion case, and the second was thought to be an electrical fire. But Melchior reviewed information on that second blaze and determined that several inconsistencies make it look suspicious.

Two sources told Melchior about one of Sharpton’s former employees, J.D. Livingson, who was allegedly paid “under the table.” ICE officials confirm that he was in the country illegally at one point.

Livingson was first on scene when the 2003 fire broke out, Melchior said, and he had Sharpton’s lawyer present when he spoke with authorities. Livingston claimed that he was in the reception room when the fire first started, but when crews arrived, the fire had grown to an incredibly large blaze. Melchior said this is inconsistent with how fires behave.

“His story definitely has some holes in it,” she said.

Read Melchior’s full report here.

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