Bill O’Reilly wondered whether Hillary Clinton will be elected president in 2016 amid ongoing controversy over her email account.

Clinton has defended her use of a personal email address during her time at the State Department, calling it a matter of convenience. She has also refused to grant access to her home server, where her deleted “personal” emails are stored.

O’Reilly said that left-wing partisans will vote for Clinton for president no matter what.

“But there are millions of Americans in the middle, and the perception is that Hillary Clinton is not a stand-up person, she does not put forth the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” O’Reilly said.

While O’Reilly noted that Clinton has been fairly untreated at times, he said she has overall “been the beneficiary of soft treatment by the media.” O’Reilly remarked that this treatment is beginning to change because the email controversy has embarrassed a press which largely supported Clinton in the past.

“It is safe to assume that Mrs. Clinton will not get the same treatment as Barack Obama, whom the press continues to idolize,” O’Reilly predicted. “Therefore, her road to the White House will be more difficult.”

Watch the Talking Points Memo above.

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