John McCain appeared on "America's Newsroom" to weigh in on a Capitol Hill hearing on the fight against ISIS and comments from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey that he "may" ask the president for boots on the ground to battle the terror group.

"Gen. Dempsey is the most disappointing chairman of the joint chiefs that I have seen, and I have seen many of them," McCain said.

"He says he may request that. He has supported the plan to completely withdraw from Afghanistan. And he has basically been the echo chamber for the president," McCain said. "And one of the reasons we are in the situation that we're in in the world today - and particularly in the Middle East - is because the lack of his either knowledge or candor about the situation in the Middle East."

"And it has done great damage, and so all I can say is he only has eight more months."

Watch more from McCain in the clip above.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) also reacted on "America's Newsroom" to the Capitol Hill hearing, in which Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said ISIS's message is spreading further and faster because of like-minded groups in continents like Africa.

Peters agreed with Carter's assertion that ISIS is showing signs of "metastasizing."

"These guys are really good at what they're doing and what their goals are," Peters said. "They know their audience and, by God, they have a level of resolution, of commitment to their cause, that we just have not and may not ever match."

Peters said that one of the major problems with the U.S. military is that we train excellent two-star generals - division commanders - but we have not turned out a great strategist in decades.

He stated that Gen. Martin Dempsey is not equipped to be the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as he doesn't have the "strength of character at the core" to deal with the difficult problems in the world today.

"I'm worried about the general dumbing down of the officer corps," Peters stated. "The leaders at the Pentagon are not giving us a winning strategy. They're hemming and hawing and waffling and weaseling. And it's very frustrating because the one thing we need from generals and admirals at the top of the system is clear, honest advice to the president, integrity and courage."

"And that is really - sad to say - lacking."

Watch more from Peters below.

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