An Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs medical center manager has been put on paid administrative leave for mocking her patients' mental health.

Newly released emails reveal that Robin Paul, a licensed social worker, sent disturbing photos to her staff, including one of an elf doll hanging himself at the Indianapolis clinic and another of the doll begging for Xanax.

"Caught in the act of suicidal behavior (trying to hang himself from an electrical cord)"

"Self-medicating for mental health issues when a CNS would not give him his requested script"

Kenneth Hylton, Commander of the American Legion, Department of Indiana, joined Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "Fox and Friends" to react to this troubling story.

"I feel that she should not be working for our veterans at this time," Hylton said, noting that Paul earns a salary of $79,000-plus, courtesy of taxpayers.

"I realized she must have too much time on her hands [to] be able to have time to be thinking about mocking our veterans as far as what they're going through," Hylton said.

"Had she been a veteran herself or served in the military, she would probably have a different thought on how she treats our veterans."

Hylton said he has personally spoken to vets who have gone to Paul's clinic and had difficulties with her, allegedly because she believes that they don't actually need help.

"If they're being treated that way, how many others are being treated that way when they walk in and talk to her?" Hylton wondered.

"I feel that she definitely needs to be removed from her position."

Watch more on this distressing story in the "Fox and Friends" clip above.

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