“If you think yesterday’s press conference helped Hillary, then you think the iceberg helped the Titanic,” Greg Gutfeld said tonight on “The Five.”

“The Five” co-host noted that Clinton claimed she used one device, though she has said in the past that she has four. Clinton also alleged that her server contains personal communications between her and her husband, but Bill Clinton says he only sent two emails in his life.

“So Hillary must be lying because clearly Bill did not have text with that woman,” Gutfeld quipped.

Gutfeld said that “The Five” saw something else in Clinton’s presser – her.

“She’s the angry lady who sends back her meals three times at a fancy restaurant and treats the waiters like crap. She’s the rich lady in old movies with 12 hat boxes and a little dog, boarding a cruise ship, barking orders, oblivious to all things around her. And when caught, she won’t make eye contact, she just moves on,” Gutfeld said.

“The Five” co-host remarked that Clinton can’t move on anymore. He said that everyone is trying to poin the finger at someone else, but the blame falls on the former secretary of state.

“She ruined all the big plans. Her staff was measuring drapes, and Bill had already picked out the blondes,” Gutfeld quipped. “And it’s all crumbling because no one had the guts to tell Madame Secretary what she can or can’t do.”

Gutfeld charged Clinton with wanting to be president without wanting to do the job, adding that she likes limelight, not labor. He questioned if anyone – including Clinton – can articulate her vision for the country.

“Americans need someone who can actually look ahead and know where we’re going. Instead, she sells division and secrecy,” Gutfeld said. “She’s the past, and boy, do we need to stop living in it.”

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