FBI officials say that police in Washington State have uncovered a hidden underground bunker east of Seattle that’s believed to have been used by a notorious bank robber.

Bradley Robinett, who was featured on "America's Most Wanted," is alleged to have hid in the remote hideout, and others like it, while he was robbing banks in the area and evading authorities.

Inside the 8 feet by 10 feet bunker, police found shoes, a sleeping cot, battery-operated lights and bottles of soda.

The Sammamish Review reports that guns and stolen goods were also found inside, but the FBI won't confirm that information.

Police found the hideout based on clues from Robinett after his capture in 2014 after he had been on the run for five years.

He pleaded guilty to escape and related counts in January. Sentencing is set for May 4.

FBI spokeswoman Ayn Dietrich-Williams said, "We followed clues that we uncovered through the investigation that read almost like a childhood treasure hunt. We knew to look for a certain type of tree by a certain type of ravine."

Authorities believe Robinett had several similar bunkers that he used while he evaded capture. They are still searching for the other hideouts.

Watch the "Happening Now" report above.

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