Move over, University of California, Irvine. Looks like there's another American flag controversy brewing.

A massive red, white and blue mural on the side of Reyes Elementary School in El Paso, Texas, which is under construction, is being painted over after a resident complained that it didn't match the homeowner association's color scheme.

The mural of Old Glory was intended to honor the school's namesake, former El Paso congressman Silvestre Reyes, for his service in the House of Representatives and as a Vietnam veteran. But the developer, Hunts Communities Holding, LLC, told the school district to paint over it after the complaint.

Now, some local veterans are upset about the removal of the stars and stripes.

"We're not talking about a mural here that's bright orange and pink and green with all kinds of weird designs," Air Force veteran Jarred Taylor said. "We're talking about the American flag."

"We're Americans. The American flag represents who we are and what we fight for," Army veteran Vince Vegas said. "For someone to try to deface that or take that away from us, it's starting to get ridiculous."

The school's board of trustees is set to meet to discuss what steps they can take next.

Watch the clip above.

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