California State University, Long Beach just opened the "Dream Success Center," which offers illegal immigrant students academic and career counseling and guidance on how to secure financial aid.

"It is estimated there are some 650 AB540 and/or undocumented students at CSULB. The Dream Success Center will provide a place for those students to receive support and services that help meet some of their special needs," CSULB said in a release.

Nestor Moto, Jr., chairman of the university's College Republicans club, explained on "Fox and Friends" that the problem they have with the taxpayer-funded resource center is allocation of funds and resources.

"I spoke with the Veterans Resource Center on Monday," Moto said. "We have 530 veterans on our campus and we have zero counselors available to them. The undocumented immigrants, they have one counselor available to them."

He added that another issue is that the university has 27,000 undergraduates and only 11 advisors for all those thousands of students.

"That's the main issue, the fact that the faculty and this administration wanted to allocate the resources and the funds to illegal immigrants instead of our veterans, instead of our disabled students, instead of our actual students that paid taxpayer dollars for this," Moto said.

"It's special treatment on this campus. They'd rather serve this body of individuals instead of benefiting the whole student population."

Watch the clip above.

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