The author of Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas said on "Fox and Friends" that he believes the White House is throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus.

Ed Klein said even Bill Clinton himself suspects that the White House is the driving force behind the private email controversy that has dominated the headlines for the past week. 

"[Bill Clinton] has said, according to my sources, that the White House is leaking to their friends in the mainstream media stories about the Clintons. Not only about Hillary, but about him, and about what she did while she was in the State Department," said Klein. 

"This is from sources within the White House, that the Clintons know that Hillary is under not one, but six different investigations prompted by the White House," he added. 

Klein then cited State Department sources, who say that "tons of documents" have been taken from Clinton's old offices.

"They're going through these, looking for problems on her expense account, on her dealings with foreign leaders. All of this, I'm told, is prompted by Valerie Jarrett and the president, who do not want to see Hillary Clinton become President of the United States," said Klein.

Klein believes it all comes down to Obama and Jarrett feeling that Clinton is "too centrist" and will not "carry out the legacy" of Obama if she becomes president.

"There is going to be no serious support for Hillary Clinton coming out of the White House." 

Klein also said Obama was "not telling the truth" when he told CBS that he did not know Clinton was using a private email server.

"He got a lot of emails from Hillary Clinton, all of which obviously came from her personal account," said Klein, pointing out that the White House later dialed back the president's claim.

Watch his full analysis above.

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