On "Fox and Friends" this morning we got to see some captivating photos of our nation's heroes

A college student and photographer named Devin Mitchell came up with the idea to show the personal stories and struggles of active duty service members and veterans.

He explained that the point of the Veteran Vision Project is to expand society's perspective about those who serve. 

In the process, he's compiled some truly moving images of the men and women of the U.S. Military.

These are just a few of the 100+ awesome images posted by the Veteran Vision Project. Check out the massive wall of photos, here.

Watch the interview from this morning above.

Mitchell explained that this timeless photo (above) is probably one of the most famous that he's taken. 

"The dynamic of that picture explains how families serve as a unit," he said, adding that the little girl, Rachel Janzen Hope, came up with the idea. 

Since her parents were not married, they were deployed by the Navy simultaneously three different times while she was raised by relatives.

The woman in this photo, Army Staff Sgt. Mylee Cardenas (Ret.), was on the show alongside Mitchell.

Cardenas, a breast cancer survivor, said she believes the picture says "so much without saying anything at all."

She said her photo is an attempt to show the struggle of a single mother who wanted to serve, but had to leave her child to do so. 

"I got a lot of negative feedback about choosing to go because I chose to leave my daughter. ... I wanted to show that you can be a great mom and still do these jobs that takes you away from your kids. You're not leaving them deliberately, you're trying to be better," she said. 

Mitchell said that Marine veteran Timothy Lawson runs a blog devoted to spreading awareness about suicides among veterans. 

The photo above was Lawson's way of depicting the struggle veterans face with depression and the abuse of alcohol and prescription drugs.

Above: Alencheril Cyriac, U.S. Army's intelligence unit.

Above: Marine Sgt. Brantley Hunt, a decorated combat veteran of Afghanistan.

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