Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) took aim at Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch this morning for aggressively seizing Americans' property and assets despite the lack of charges or a conviction.

He said as a U.S. attorney, Lynch - who is awaiting confirmation by the Senate - was "the most famous" for doing this. 

"She confiscated $110 million dollars worth of people's stuff. Never tried them, never even took them to court. Just kept their money. It turns justice on its head because you're presumed to be guilty until you prove that you're innocent," said Paul, adding that he met with President Obama about this issue and will propose legislation to end this. 

One example Paul gave was the case of Victor Ramos Guzman, who was pulled over for speeding - but not given a ticket - in 2011.

Police in Virginia seized $28,500 in cash, which Guzman was carrying from his church to another local church. Paul said Guzman was never accused of working in the drug trade or getting the money illegally.

"This is going on all the time. When the Washington Post looked at it last year, a disproportionate amount of the people were poor, black, or Hispanic. This is another example of the war on drugs, not being racist on purpose, but inadvertently having a racial outcome," said Paul.

Paul said he doubts Obama's commitment to the issue, though, based on his choice of Lynch to replace Eric Holder.

Hear more of what Paul had to say about other similar asset seizures in the clip above. He also discussed a bill he has introduced to lift the federal ban on medical marijuana.

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