Charles Krauthammer says even if nothing is found in Hillary Clinton's private emails, he believes the political damage to the 2016 Democratic frontrunner "has already been done."

On the "Special Report" panel Monday, Krauthammer argued that the story has "revived the memories" of the Clintons in the 90s and once again led to questions about transparency.

He brought up the "Saturday Night Live" skit that has now introduced a younger audience to new questions about the Clintons. 


"It could be that it was illegal what she did. It could be that it wasn't. That it was skirting the rules or it wasn't. It raises the question: do you want to have this baggage around for the next four years or eight years?" he asked.

He said the whole "scandal" comes down to nondisclosure, about "hiding emails" and maintaining her own server so her own lawyers could protect the emails.

Meantime, Clinton is set to address the email controversy this afternoon at a United Nations event.

Watch Krauthammer's remarks above and tune in tonight at 6p ET for more reaction from the "Special Report" panel. 

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