Greg Gutfeld said this evening that it's been a bad year for New York City – “unless you’re a well-off liberal.” He noted that homicides are up by 20 percent, and subway delays have soared 45 percent.

“If you can't provide safe, dependable passage to your citizens, what good are you?” Gutfeld wondered. “Instead, the waitress or busboy has to wait in dank subways for trains that never come, and bullets that do.”

Gutfeld said that the “cordoned off elite” who voted for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio are fine because they don’t live in those neighborhoods.

“Is it any coincidence this is happening under the most progressive leader since Marx? If he were a Republican with these stats, he'd be hog-tied, bobbing in the Hudson,” Gutfeld said.

“The Five” co-host said that New York couldn’t have de Blasio as mayor if Rudy Giuliani hadn't served first.

“You need an adult to set the table for the child to turn it over,” he said, adding that we hand leftists the keys to the city, and they run it off a cliff.

“Civilization is fragile. When the fibers fray and the floors crack, chaos returns,” Gutfeld said. “It would be far better just to let libs play the leaders in movies and TV, and let the conservatives do it in real life because this alternative is killing us.”

Watch the monologue above.