A high school mascot is causing some members of one Buffalo, New York, community to see red.

For almost 70 years, Lancaster High School has used Redskins as their mascot and team sports name. But now, two high school lacrosse teams have canceled games against the school, citing that Redskins is an offensive slur used against Native Americans.

A school board meeting last night became heated when those in favor of keeping the name spoke out against those who are calling for change. 

Kelly Depczynski, a Lancaster High School alum, explained to Eric Bolling on "Fox and Friends" this morning why she wants the name to stay the same. 

"Our mascot stands for so much at Lancaster High School," she said. "People are trying to put us in a bad light right now. We've never, ever used it in a negative way. I just feel it needs to stay. We need to stand our ground. We need to show the Native Americans who are fighting us that it is being used in an honorable way."

Depczynski pointed out that there was strong opposition to changing the name at the the meeting last night. She said that it's only hurting the kids when schools boycott playing Lancaster. 

"I don't believe that the kids don't want to play the sport that they've been trained in, that they've been working so hard at at their school," she said. "I definitely believe that was a prompted move from a higher-up, if you will."

She stated that she is "proud of the name" and it's not used with "intent to hurt anyone."

Watch the video above to hear more about this controversy from "Fox and Friends."

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