It looks like First Lady Michelle Obama has a new critic over the controversial federal school lunch program that she's championed.

A Louisiana second-grader named Trip Klibert wrote a letter to the first lady when he noticed some changes to his school lunches that he didn't care for.

Dear Mrs. Obama,

Thank you for trying to make my school lunch better, but you have ruined Taco Tuesday. Please bring back the old taco shell. I miss them. Also, the pizza is terrible. If you would like to try the new tacos, I will buy you lunch.

Thank you,

Trip Klibert

Mrs. Obama didn't take Trip up on his offer for free tacos, but she did write him back explaining the reasons for the new lunch program.

She wrote that her "Let's Move!" initiative, which took effect in 2012, is intended to reduce childhood obesity and give students nationwide access to healthy food in their daily lunches.

On "Outnumbered," Melissa Francis said that she understands the sentiment of trying to offer children healthier options, but a top-down, federal approach to school lunch "just doesn't work."

"My 8-year-old? No way," Francis said. "He would starve to death at this school and not do his homework and be furious with his teachers."

Jedediah Bila said the government is not creative or innovative, it simply institutes a one-size-fits-all system.

Bila asserted that the first lady isn't trying to fix the problem, she's telling children that this is how it's going to be and they'll get used to it.

"That's not gonna fly, and parents are going to continue to be outraged because kids are going to continue to come home hungry and say, 'We're hungry. We didn't each lunch because of X,Y and Z,'" Bila said.

"The road to lunchroom hell is paved with really good intentions," Andrea Tantaros remarked.

Watch more from the "Outnumbered" co-hosts above.

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