Staff Sergeant Travis Mills, who lost all four limbs after an IED exploded on his third deployment to Afghanistan in April 2012, shared some exciting news on "Happening Now" today with Jenna Lee. 

Just last week, Mills purchased a property in Rome, Maine that he is planning to transform into a lodge that will help treat wounded veterans and their families. 

"Last Friday we were able to purchase a property and we're going to build it up to make it our foundation retreat for soldiers to come that are wounded, or TBI, or PTSD," Mills said.

Mills explained that he's very excited, even though the property, which belonged to Elizabeth Arden, needs a lot of work.

"[It's] Elizabeth Arden's old estate she built in 1929," he said. "It's a historical place in Maine and it's very beautiful. We were able to purchase it and we want to just renovate the whole thing. It needs a lot of work. We want to bring guys out and let them be reintegrated back into society." 

The plan is for the retreat to host six to eight families of wounded veterans weekly, where they can recover, relax and enjoy a wide range of adaptive sports and activities, Mills said.  

"But also, it's not just about the retreat, it's about bringing the family back," he said. "When I went into the hospital and I had to go on these trips, I was able to take my wife because of how injured I was. But some guys weren't allowed to take their wives and their kids."

Mills explained that he's raising money so that the lodge can be built with smart house technology. 

"The money that's raised will all go towards the non-profit's success in rehabbing the whole place if you will, we've got to renovate the whole thing," he said. "Also, it will pay for families to come out. We don't take a dime. That's not the point for me to get paid, because that's not what my wife and I started this whole thing for. We just wanted to have something where families can come up to Maine, see a whale maybe, but also be able to be around other guys in the same situation." 

Visit and if you would like to contribute to the Travis Mills Foundation Retreat, check out his GoFundMe page.


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