An Ohio man accused of plotting an attack on the U.S. Capitol said in a chilling interview that he would have shot President Obama in the head.

20-year-old Christopher Lee Cornell, who claims sympathy with ISIS, revealed shocking information about the terror group to Cincinnati's FOX 19 WXIX TV from behind bars.

Heather Childers reported on "Fox and Friends" that defense attorneys tried unsuccessfully to prevent the interview from airing, claiming that it would violate Cornell's right to a fair trial, but a judge ruled against the request.

"We're in Texas. We're in Ohio. We're in New York City. We're in Washington, D.C. We're in every single state you can name just about," Cornell says in the disturbing interview.

"What do I think is coming? Many things. There will be many, many attacks. Like I said, we are ready for the battle over the Capitol."

"What would I have done? I would have took my gun, I would have put it to Obama's head and I would have pulled the trigger," Cornell says. "Then I would have released more bullets on the Senate and the House of Representative members, and I would have attacked the Israeli embassy and various other buildings full of kafr who want to wage war against us Muslims and shed our blood. That's what would happen."

Cornell pled not guilty in January to charges that include attempted murder of government officials and employees, possession of a firearm to commit a crime and solicitation to commit a violent crime. He is expected back in court in April.

Watch the "Fox and Friends" clip above.