Judge Andrew Napolitano tonight sounded off on President Barack Obama’s remarks about Hillary Clinton’s email controversy.

“I’m glad that Hillary’s instructed that those emails that had to do with official business need to be disclosed,” Obama told CBS News’ Bill Plante this weekend.

“Apparently the president has the same misunderstanding of federal law that his former secretary of state does,” Napolitano remarked on “The Kelly File.”

Napolitano explained that a federal statute says documents and records by high-ranking officials belong to the government. A former official can ask the government for personal documents back, but Clinton did the opposite, Napolitano said.

“She retained and concealed 100 percent of the documents with which she dealt while she was secretary of state in 48 months. She decided what was governmental and kept what she didn’t want to reveal,” Napolitano said.

Napolitano expressed disappointment over Plante’s interview with Obama. Napolitano said he would have asked Obama: Are you concerned that Clinton had classified materials on her server and kept them from the government? Napolitano said he would have also asked the president whether he planned to prosecute Clinton for placing documents in a non-secure environment.

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