The fiancée of an American jailed in the United Arab Emirates for Facebook posts he wrote on U.S. soil spoke out today about the situation on "Shepard Smith Reporting."

While home in Florida, Ryan Pate took to Facebook to air his frustrations after getting in a dispute over sick leave with the company he worked for in December. When the helicopter mechanic returned to the U.A.E., he was thrown in jail for slandering his employer. He spent 10 days in jail and could face another five years behind bars for cyber slander. 

His fiancée, Jillian Cardoza, told Shepard Smith today that "he's hanging in there."

"Obviously, I'm sure as everyone can imagine, it's a difficult time," Cardoza said. "We're waiting for the 17th to find out what the outcome will be and hopefully get him home."

She explained that he was completely shocked when he was first arrested. 

"He had no idea about the cyber laws and even if he did, he certainly didn't think that making a post in the United States would end up coming back like this," Cardoza said.

Cardoza added that he was "shocked and stunned" and didn't know what to say to the authorities in the U.A.E. 

"He just apologized as much as possible to the authorities and then when he met the prosecutor, to the prosecutor," she said. "It's a genuine regret that we continue to display to everyone including the citizens of the U.A.E. and the U.A.E. themselves." 

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