Democrats in Congress have agreed to give President Obama until March 24 to strike a suitable deal with Iran over the Iranian nuclear program.

It a deal doesn't materialize, Democrats will side with their Republican colleagues and press for further sanctions on Iran.

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) spoke to Maria Bartiromo on "Sunday Morning Futures" and explained that his concern is that Obama is so eager to strike a deal that he will go ahead with a bad deal.

He added that the concerns about Iran's nuclear program aren't only coming from the U.S. Many neighboring countries in the Middle East fear what would happen if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, as well.

"I was in Saudi Arabia earlier this year visiting with the leaders there, including the current king," Barrasso said. "And the discussions always go back to Iran with a nuclear weapon and the nuclear arms race that will now follow. Because if Iran has a nuclear weapon, Saudi Arabia wants one, Egypt will want one, Turkey will want one, the Arab Emirates will want one. So we will see a significant escalation of nuclear arms worldwide."

Barrasso said we need to place sanctions back on Iran if they don't hit this deadline, since sanctions were what brought them to the table in the first place.

"I want to make sure any deal is accountable, enforceable and verifiable," he said. "I'm ready to vote and I'm ready to vote for or against, depending on what the deal says."

Watch the "Sunday Morning Futures" clip above.