A Nevada couple has been told that they can't adopt a 12-year-old child because they have legal concealed-carry permits.

Brian and Valerie Wilson asked the Assembly Judiciary Committee last week to approve a bill that would allow them to carry loaded weapons and serve as foster parents.

The couple’s attempts at adopting have been stopped by regulations requiring that guns and ammunition be stored in separate, secure containers in any home where foster children reside.

"My wife Valerie and I have been together since high school," Wilson told the committee. "We have always planned from early on that we would adopt later in life. We, in 2013, decided it was now time to go ahead and adopt and complete our family."

"There [are] a lot of older children in the system that need homes."

"I am really heartbroken that the Department of Child and Family Services gave us this denial letter,” Valerie Wilson said to the committee. "I really want a family."

A spokesperson for the department said the reason the Wilsons were denied was a concern about the ability of a foster child to gain access to a loaded weapon.

Tucker Carlson reacted this morning on "Fox and Friends Weekend."

"They're ideologues and they hate guns," he said. "The sad part is all the kids who are languishing in the foster care system, going from home to home. And all the creepy, unfit people who do get to adopt. And they're penalizing these people? It's pretty unbelievable."

Watch the clip above.

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