Liberals beware!

For the last few years, Sean Hannity has been doing some mixed martial arts training. He put his skills to the test and went one-on-one with former UFC champion Chuck Liddell. 

"Chuck is known for this overhead, killing knock out punch," Hannity said. "I love you man, I'm you're biggest fan. Last thing I ever want, if you hit me, I'm in the hospital, chances are."

Liddell, who holds the record with the most knockouts in UFC history, showed Hannity how to do a series of 10 punches that he's used in competition. 

"I throw a lot of different left hooks, my favorite one is my hardest one," Liddell said.

"I am dead if he swings," Hannity jokingly said. "I will die today."

Watch the video above to see UFC legend show Hannity how to do a few of his signature punches.  

Plus, check out some pics of the action below.

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