A passenger who was aboard Delta flight 1086 when it skidded off a LaGuardia Airport runway was on “Happening Now” today to recount the ordeal.

Robert Isherwood was among the 127 passengers on yesterday's flight. He said the landing felt harder and faster than usual, and the plane slid and bounced around for a while.

“Then, bang, we hit the embankment and everything stopped," he recalled.

Isherwood described the reaction of his fellow passengers as “stunned silence.” He said the gravity of the situation didn’t hit most passengers until they were off the plane.

“When you looked back and saw the plane sitting on the embankment, you realize how close you were to a disaster […] All you can say in the moment is, ‘Thanks be to God that I’m not in the water,’” he said.

Isherwood praised the flight crew for doing a great job following the incident. He said that the flight crew asked passengers to remain calm and quickly evacuated them through the emergency exits.

Isherwood said he feels great today despite yesterday’s shocking incident.

“It’s kind of like miracles happen every day, you just have to observe that they’re there, you have to see them, and I saw one yesterday,” he said.

Watch his interview on “Happening Now” above.

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