Former star pitcher Curt Schilling tracked down two men who posted sexually explicit tweets about his underage daughter, and now he says he's taking it a step further and pursuing criminal charges.

It all began when Schilling congratulated his daughter Gabby on Twitter last week after she was accepted into Salve Regina University to play softball.

That led to a series of disgusting tweets, including sexually explicit comments, directed at his daughter. 

Schilling told USA Today Sports, "I'm looking at the legal paths we'd like to go down. This is a crime. My daughter is a minor and there are men who threatened her sexually. There are going to be some men who have the word 'sex offender' attached to their name for the rest of their lives.'"

Sean Hannity asked Schilling on his show about the disturbing incident. The three-time World Series champion said when he sent the tweet he was fully expecting some "smart-aleck" responses and at first, the back-and-forth was all in good fun. 

But he said the conversation went "off the rails" as the social media trolls turned toward vulgar sexual threats.

"There's no locker room in the world where this kind of talk is ever had. My daughter is 17 years old, so first off she's a minor. It was every kind of vulgar, despicable commentary you can imagine about rape and sex," he said.

Hannity said he understands Schilling's anger, since he is a public figure and father. 

Gabby Schilling told Hannity she just couldn't believe anyone would say that sort of thing to a man about his daughter. 

Schilling said he counted nine people who directed the vulgar insults at his daughter. 

"I gave every one of them a chance to either recant or stop. And they didn't, they got worse," he recalled.

He lamented the fact that parents have lost children to suicide based on cyber-bullying, saying "that's not OK."

Schilling said people should not just dismiss these instances of bullying as just being the nature of the internet or the real world.

"It's not Twitter's fault, it's not Facebook's fault, it's not the Internet's fault. It's people's fault! I want her and my boys to understand: be accountable for everything you do because it's out there forever," he said.

Watch the interview above.

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