When a school in England asked students to come to school dressed as famous literary characters, they probably weren't expecting Christian Grey to show up.

But he did.

Liam Scholes, 11, reportedly surprised his teacher by wearing the dapper suit and tie, but also carrying around a blindfold and plastic ties. 

The boy's mother defended the costume, arguing other children dressed as violent book characters for the World Book Day event.

School officials, however, found it to be over the line and they wouldn't let Liam appear in photographs with his classmates

Nicola Scholes said the costume was Liam's idea and that they thought it would be funny. She also noted that a teacher dressed up as the serial killer "Dexter" from the Showtime series.

And she took to Facebook to criticize the school for having no sense of humor.

"Liam's offensive book day costume, it was that inappropriate that they told him to change his character and wouldn't include him on any photos. It also required a phone call home regarding the matter. Yet it was appropriate for a teacher to dress up as a serial killer and other students to come in with 'guns'. I thought Christian Grey was the most talked about book character for the past few years. ‪#‎nosenseofhumour‬"

The bestselling book by E.L. James, which just recently made its Hollywood debut, is known for explicit sex scenes involving bondage.

Read more on the story, via the Manchester Evening News and tell us: would you let your 11-year-old wear that?!