A 10-year-old Texas girl sent hundreds of “thank you” cards to New York police after NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were gunned down in December.

Savannah Solis told Gretchen Carlson today that she has always loved police officers. She said she used to hand out cupcakes and cookies to police while they were sitting in her church parking lot. After hearing about the shooting deaths of Liu and Ramos, Savannah sent 200 cards to police in New York.

“I want to tell ‘em thank you for what you’re doing, and you are very special to me because you save our lives every day,” Savannah said.

Savannah got a chance to meet many officers recently during her first trip to New York. Her mom said that she gave up sightseeing and a Broadway show to meet as many police as she could.

“She had one goal, and that was to reach the officers so she could give them her cards and to get their autographs and to thank them personally,” Savannah’s mom said.

Now, Savannah is urging others to do the same. Go to Savannah’s Facebook page to hear how you can take the “Savannah challenge” and thank your local law enforcement.

Watch Savannah's interview above. Below, see photos from Savannah's trip to New York.