No good deed goes unpunished, right?

In a bizarre incident in Ohio, a man allegedly assaulted his neighbor after he caught him red-handed ... clearing the snow off of his sidewalk. 

According to police, William Immke, 24, said he was trying to help his neighbor by shoveling snow from his sidewalk Sunday so that people could walk by.

Larry Myers, 69, was having none of it. 

"I said, 'Hey man, don't shovel my sidewalk. I don't want that section of sidewalk shoveled!" he told a local reporter.

Immke said he yelled back at Myers and the confrontation turned physical, with Myers shoving him in the face. 

Myers said Immke had taunted him, repeatedly yelling "what are you gonna do about it?" and that's when he grabbed him, but didn't hit him. 

Then, Myers reportedly grabbed his snow blower and blew the snow back at Immke!

Police arrested Myers on a misdemeanor assault charge.

More on the story, via Fox affiliate WJW.

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