Dozens of people have been trapped in their vehicles on Interstate 65 in Kentucky for an estimated 15 hours due to bad winter weather.

Heavy snow has piled up around cars and trucks, trapping people inside their vehicles. 

One of those drivers, Judy Gaillard, spoke to Bill Hemmer on "America's Newsroom" by phone this morning to talk about her experience being stuck.

Gaillard said she has been stuck in her car since 7:30 p.m. last night with her husband and that they kind of "anticipated" bad weather. 

"We kind of anticipated the weather, but we weren't prepared for this," she said.

Gaillard said there are stranded drivers on both the north and southbound sides of the interstate "as far as the eye can see."   

She said they fueled up their truck right before they got on the highway, not knowing that they would get stuck.

"We have plenty of fuel...and plenty of food, liquids, water to keep hydrated," Gaillard said. "We're in a lot better shape than others."

Watch the video above to hear more. 

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