Earlier this week, thousands of New Mexico high school students across the state walked out of class, protesting against Common Core testing

The state administers the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) test, which can also be used in school grades and teacher evaluations. Students in each grade across the country started taking the exams that are aligned with Common Core standards. The tests outline language and math skills that should be mastered in each grade.

This morning on "Fox and Friends" Connor Guiney and Anna Bentham-Grey, two students at Highland High School who organized the walk out on their campus, explained to Elisabeth Hasselbeck that they were surprised with the huge number of students who protested with them.

"I don't think we knew quite the capacity to which there would be that many people," Guiney said. "We thought maybe 100, or 150 would come out. But by the end of the day we had over 300 people and that was really good to have all that support out there. It was nice to not be alone in that."

Bentham-Grey remarked that they were surprised other schools in the area joined them to protest against Common Core. 

"We weren't the only ones," she said. "Almost every other school in our district also had walk outs that day."

Guiney said that the walk-outs are about "so much more than" trying to get out of taking a test. 

"And while maybe it's possible that's the agenda for some students, for us that wasn't the motivation at all," he said. "We feel like the tests are unnecessary and they use an excess amount of time among other things. But ultimately they're unfair to students at schools and to the teachers as well."

He added that the tests "don't encompass the learning styles of many different other students and that kind of leaves people out." 

Bentham-Grey said that the test doesn't cover everything they learn in school.  

Watch the video above to hear more. 

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