"Fox and Friends" talked to the courageous and tenacious Kentucky store clerk who fought off an armed robber. 

Surveillance video at Tobacco Zone in Lexington captured the entire struggle, which began when two men tried to hold up the female clerk last week. 

But they got way more than they bargained for in the form of Zara Adil, who grabbed the suspect's gun when he put it down on the counter while swiping cash from the register.

She said he put down the gun while he pulled out his phone "for some reason" and then tried to cover his hand because he only had one glove on.

Adil, 21, pointed the gun at him and threatened to shoot him, prompting the second suspect to run away. That's when the fight started, with Adil holding her own against the larger man. 

Adil said she shot the robber in the shoulder and managed to get his mask off.

She only suffered some scratches and bruises, and the bumbling crooks got away empty-handed.

"He's been in the store as a customer. So I recognized him and I even asked him why he was doing this. There must be a reason why he's coming to rob somebody," she said, adding that in hindsight, it was not a good idea to take on an armed man. 

"I realize now it was dangerous and I could have gotten killed. But something that I've been brought up with is if you're going to die, you're gonna die and if you're going to live, you're gonna live. You can't stop something from happening," Adil said.

Adil said despite her heroics, she sees herself as a doctor someday, not a police officer.

According to WXYT-TV, police arrested the suspect who they believe was the man in the video. Darnell Thomas, 34, is suspected in more than a dozen robberies, police said.

Watch the amazing footage and interview above.