An Iraq War veteran-turned-high school principal has vowed to get tough on cyberbullying after learning of anonymous Twitter accounts that targeted two dozen students at his school.

Joshua Romano, principal of Murdock High School in Winchendon, Mass., explained on "Fox and Friends" this morning that he was contacted by students, parents and teachers over vacation about two Twitter accounts that had been tweeting out vicious attacks on students.

He responded with an email that called the offenders "pathetic cowards" and stated that he had "more respect for the insurgents I fought in Iraq than I do for the people behind this Twitter account."

Romano said that the message was a little more strongly-worded than if he had taken time to reflect, but he felt he needed to take strong action and set a boundary.

He pointed out that with cyberbullying, it can follow a student everywhere they go, not just at school.

"With a Twitter account, a post about a student can be spread around and by the time that student comes to school the next morning, it's literally gone to everybody in their social circle," Romano explained. "Everybody that they know has seen whatever vicious thing somebody has to say about them. And now they have to go to school with that."

Romano added that he plans to institute new cyberbullying rules this Friday, and the reaction from parents has mostly been very positive.

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