Former Major League Baseball star pitcher Curt Schilling outed two men who allegedly posted sexually explicit tweets about his underage daughter, and now he says he's taking it a step further and pursuing criminal charges.

It all began when Schilling congratulated his daughter Gabby on Twitter last week after she was accepted into Salve Regina University to play softball.

Multiple people responded with sexually explicit comments about the 17-year-old. Schilling reposted the tweets on his blog and tracked down two of the men responsible.

Schilling told USA Today Sports, "I'm looking at the legal paths we'd like to go down. This is a crime. My daughter is a minor and there are men who threatened her sexually. There are going to be some men who have the word 'sex offender' attached to their name for the rest of their lives.'"

On "Outnumbered" today, Robert Davi said he understands a father doing anything to protect his daughter, especially when Twitter and the anonymity of the Internet make it so easy for people to attack others.

Kennedy said she understands Schilling's desire to protect his daughter and hold people accountable, but maybe at some point he doesn't need to pursue every legal path for people "saying stupid things on Twitter."

"Maybe if he does pursue legal action and people get punished and the media covers the story, maybe people will think twice about tweeting about raping minors and all these disgusting things," Andrea Tantaros suggested.

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