An Indianapolis mother is outraged after her six-year-old son was forced to walk home a half-mile through knee-deep snow after a bus driver dropped him off at the wrong stop and wouldn't let him back on.

Cameron Beers was on the school bus with a substitute driver. When they reached the last stop, the driver made Cameron get off, even though the boy said it wasn't his stop.

Cameron had to walk a half-mile home on busy Lynhurst Drive, which meant he had to cross the street and walk a short distance near heavy traffic.

"I just saw him run around the corner with snow up to his knees. His face was red and he was crying," his mother, Kelly Beers, said. "And I'm like, 'What happened?' He said, 'The bus driver dropped me off at the wrong stop and wouldn't listen to me when I told him I didn't live there.'"

Decatur Township Schools said they are deeply concerned about the incident and are now investigating.

Fox 59 reported:

School officials have determined that Cameron rode a replacement bus to Blue Academy Monday morning, because his regular bus was down for maintenance.  At the end of the school day, the boy was not aware that his regular bus was back in service.  While Cameron’s bus was not included in the afternoon announcement of bus changes, nobody apparently told the 6-year old to take the regular bus home.  He got back on the replacement bus from that morning, which took him on a different route.


Kelly Beers understands why a substitute driver may not be familiar with all the children and their stops.  But she still can’t understand why the driver would have made Cameron get off the bus if the boy told him it was the wrong place.

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