Greg Gutfeld tonight sounded off on the news that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used only a personal email address for government business, which she registered on the day of her confirmation hearing.

She has since turned over 55,000 pages to the government after Gutfeld said her aides “looted the best stuff.”

He wondered: why didn’t Clinton use her government email?

“Was it too hard to log on? Did she forget her password? We know it's not ‘Benghazi-4-ever.’ Was she worried we'd see her favorite websites? She was always looking for new lamps to replace the ones she'd throw at Bill. Or was it her smug pride? She was always above the rest of us. She called herself transparent, but happily skirted the rules,” Gutfeld said.

The same day that this news broke, the artist who painted the official portrait of Bill Clinton revealed that he hid the shadow of Monica Lewinsky’s dress in his artwork.

“It’s a selfie with a stainy,” Gutfeld quipped.

Both the emails and the dress represent “the height of carelessness only the arrogant few can reach,” Gutfeld said.

“The Clintons have to keep secrets for they have so damn many to keep,” he said.