A North Dakota woman was fined $150 by police for excessive noise after neighbors complained that she was praying too loudly.

Martha Nagbe, a Liberian-born pastor's wife, reportedly woke up her neighbors by shouting her prayers in the street.

Nagbe, however, argues that her rights are being violated.

KVLY reported:

In one hand Nagbe carries her bible, singing verses of praise throughout the streets. Lisbon's police chief told us Nagbe's loud praying is "disturbing the peace."

"I mean, we all need prayers and great she's out there praying for all of us, but it's just the volume of her voice,” said Police Chief Jeanette Persons.

Police further comment this isn't about race, religion, or freedom of speech. They've received complaints from neighbors "that have been woken up and she is standing outside of their house shouting,” said Chief Persons. “It's not that she just walks by, but she will stand out there for a lengthy period of time."

Persons stated that Nagbe will face more fines if she continues to pray loudly in the streets. 

Watch a local report below: