Here's a social media success story!

Virginia high school junior Hannah Delmonte sent a prom invitation to Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho over social media.

When he challenged Delmonte to get 10,000 retweets, she - and thousands of Twitters users - rose to the occasion, and Acho shocked her with a surprise "promposal," which she accepted.

Delmonte and Acho appeared on "Fox and Friends" this morning to discuss how this unlikely prom date came to be.

Delmonte explained that she had seen other high schoolers ask athletes or celebrities to their proms, so she decided, as an Eagles fan, to ask a player from her favorite NFL team.

"She messages me on Instagram," Acho explained. "I say 2,000 [retweets on Twitter] is a little low. It's a little low of a bar for me. You get 10,000 and you got yourself a deal."

Delmonte accomplished that with ease, getting more than 15,000 retweets in just three hours.

As for Acho's surprise "promposal," Delmonte said she did a double-take and started tearing up when he showed up at her high school.

The prom invitation wasn't Acho's only surprise for Delmonte, however.

Acho showed that he's a true Renaissance man with an excellent, impromptu "Fox and Friends" piano performance.

Watch the clip above.