Lt. Col. Ralph Peters tonight sounded off on the news that a U.S.-backed Syrian rebel group has disbanded.

Former members of Harakat al-Hazm are now joining an Islamist insurgent alliance that is not trusted by U.S. officials. The U.S. had previously trained and provided weapons for Harakat al-Hazm.

“The Obama administration has always been chasing this unicorn, this idea that we can get other people to do the hard stuff for us,” Peters said.

Peters said what matters is what people are willing to fight for.

“It’s not about the steel man holds in his hand, it’s about the steel in his heart,” he said.

Peters explained that America’s enemies are fighting and thriving because of their level of commitment to their cause. He said we were “kidding ourselves” by training a 5,000-man Syrian rebel group to fight ISIS.

Peters said that the only way the U.S. can get people to really fight “is by the magic of Americans fighting and leading beside them.”