At the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday, Judge Andrew Napolitano debated former NSA chief Gen. Michael Hayden (Ret.) on privacy vs. security.

With the audience firmly on his side, Judge Nap argued that the Fourth Amendment states that the government has no right to monitor and collect personal data on American citizens.

"Your right to be left alone is a natural and personal right," Judge Nap said. "Only you can give it up. The majority cannot take it away from you, and certainly American spies cannot take it away from you."

Hayden said that Judge Nap is an "unrelenting libertarian," which drew cheers from the crowd. When Hayden described himself with the same term, the cheers turned to laughs and heckles.

Hayden argued that the Constitution also says the government must provide for the common defense of this country, adding that he tried to keep the U.S. safe while keeping in mind the right to privacy of Americans.

"Honest men can differ about this. I understand that. Honest folks may even object to the existence of the [NSA domestic surveillance] database," Hayden said. "But before we pass judgment, let's look at this in its totality and how it has been conducted."

Watch the full debate below.