Greg Gutfeld tonight weighed in on the king of Jordan's declaration that the fight against ISIS is “World War III.”

“The Five” co-host remarked that King Abdullah II identified the fight as within Islam.

“It’s not Bibi, bigotry or Boehner. It’s barbarians, Barack,” Gutfeld quipped.

Abdullah’s words must be heard, Gutfeld said, because the world needs a Muslim voice to echo the facts.

“The king may finally be the canary among the caliphate, the alarm that tolls a true warning,” Gutfeld said. “It’s refreshing as our own leader seems more preoccupied with past sins than our present realities.”

Gutfeld said that the world wars won by American veterans have allowed men to “smear our republic, undermining traditions that worked and allies that mattered.” He explained that complacency “has blossomed into a potent disdain for America’s good.”

Gutfeld remarked that Jordan doesn’t have the luxury of hating itself because it has plenty of enemies that do that for them.

“So do we,” he said. “We just haven’t admitted it yet.”